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Increase operational knowledge of Advanced Persistent Threat campaigns with comprehensive, actionable intelligence reports.

Cyber Threat Data Feeds

Reinforce network defense operations with geographically unique data that provides insight into cyber threats & targeted attacks.


Data Collection and Global Research Team

KGSS is the exclusive channel for Kaspersky Lab data and solutions to the United States Government. KGSS has exclusive access to both consumer security software and organization-wide endpoint protection that provides 400 million collection points powering the data feeds. With significant market share in regions known for being the origination point of especially virulent malware, the KGSS data feeds provide unique and timely insight into what's happening in these regions. With 40 of the world's most elite security researchers, the global research team responsible for uncovering the information and compiling the reports bring a combined level of expertise unmatched by any security company in the world. Team members possess extensive backgrounds focusing on Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), critical infrastructure and banking threats, as well as other sophisticated attacks.

  • percent of market share

    in the Russian Federation allowing for an increased number of unique data sources

  • percent of market share

    in the majority of the Middle East positioning us ahead of other providers

  • of the world's most elite security researchers

    including many who were the first to discover key APT campaigns

  • percent of countries

    are home to collection points powering the cyber intelligence feeds and reports



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Increase your awareness and knowledge of targeted attacks with comprehensive, practical reporting

Meet Our Team

  • Cynthia James | General Manager


    Cynthia is the General Manager of KGSS and is responsible for the vision and creation of strategic partnerships that provide unique cybersecurity services and solutions to U.S. government, U.S. government contractors and the U.S. National Critical Infrastructure sector. She leads the talented team of developers and cybersecurity experts at KGSS and is committed to helping organizations protect critical infrastructure and sensitive information.

    Cynthia brings more than 25 years of experience in technology management and cybersecurity to the KGSS team. Prior to joining KGSS, Cynthia served as the Global Director of Business Development for Kaspersky Lab, where she spent eight years engaging and managing OEMs and ISVs. During this tenure, she integrated customized malware data feeds into a multitude of product lines of multinational companies like Blue Coat, Juniper, LANDESK and Kaseya.

    In addition to her extensive industry experience, Cynthia is a CISSP with a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management from George Washington University, and is the author of “Stop Cybercrime from Ruining Your Life! Sixty Secrets to Keep You Safe”.

    Cynthia James | General Manager
  • Chris Reilley | Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence


    Chris leverages over 15 years of experience from the defense, intelligence, cyber and government contracting industries to provide world-class cybersecurity intelligence and cyber risk management solutions to U.S. government organizations.

    Prior to joining KGSS in 2014, Chris led and worked cybersecurity projects supporting private and public organizations. He is a former United States Navy cryptologist, with experience in cybersecurity intelligence, technical project leadership, cyber data analytics, cyber risk management, satellite communications, denied area accesses, system integration and testing, and operational instruction.

    Outside of work, Chris enjoys exploring DC, making and learning about craft cocktails, spending time with friends, reading about intelligence practices and history, and avoiding tourists while biking around the city.

    Chris Reilley | Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Megan Horner | Director of Marketing


    Megan leads marketing for KGSS and is responsible for building the strategic and tactical plans to grow the visibility and success of the organization. Leveraging experience in various types of cyber security businesses, both public and private, as well as enterprise and start-up, Megan has a wide variety of expertise spanning from leading partnership initiatives to bringing new offerings to market.

    Prior to joining KGSS, she spent her time running marketing at multiple start-ups focused on cybersecurity workforce development, one of which led to an acquisition by Symantec. At Symantec, Megan worked in Product Marketing where she was responsible for Global Emerging Technologies.

    When not working, find her cheering on Washington D.C. sports teams with her son or spending time at the local wineries.

    Megan Horner | Director of Marketing
  • Carol Sapienza | Operations Officer


    Carol is KGSS’s Operations Officer and is responsible for managing and maintaining the operating environment and logistics.  She coordinates communication, scheduling, transportation and just about everything else that keeps KGSS running smoothly.

    Carol has spent the majority of her professional career on a variety of classified contracts supporting the Department of Defense and other members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Her familiarity and expertise of government operations makes her an invaluable member of the KGSS team. Carol holds an undergraduate degree in English and French from Ladycliff College.

    Carol Sapienza | Operations Officer
  • Christopher Pavona | Senior Developer


    Chris is the newest addition to the KGSS Team and serves as Software Developer responsible for the Threat Intel Reports Portal and Threat Data Feeds Cloud services.  Although new to the cyber security realm, Chris brings large-scale software development experience and expert problem-solving ability to the table in order to provide highly adaptable, efficient solutions.

    Before joining KGSS, he developed code for targeting, sensor, and navigation systems of the MQ-8B/C Firescout UAV and served as an Electronics Technician in the Navy in both the Communications and RADAR/Navigation realms.  Chris was a member of the USS Bainbridge crew responsible for the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips of the M/V Maersk Alabama from Somali pirates.

    Christopher Pavona | Senior Developer
  • Gabriel Bernadett-Shapiro | Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst


    Gabriel merges open-source intelligence and analytic methodologies with KGSS data to create a holistic understanding of cyber threat groups.  A Bay Area native, he was formerly a researcher at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution where he examined the emergence of ISIS in Yemen and provided briefings to a JSOC Senior Fellow. Gabriel holds a Masters in Public Diplomacy and International Relations from the University of Southern California.

    Prior to his foray in cybersecurity, his research examined the role of communication networks in violence reduction, the application of propaganda campaigns in engaging post-conflict communities, and the use and effectiveness of propaganda tactics over social media platforms.

    Gabriel enjoys rock climbing, biking, and spending as much time outdoors as the weather permits.

    Gabriel Bernadett-Shapiro | Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • Eric Jaw | Senior Malware Analyst


    Eric is a self-taught engineer, specializing in information security and data visualization. He previously supported network security efforts across several federal government agencies; deploying and evaluating cutting-edge security appliances, conducting malware research and analysis, and building team resources for improving organizational cyber maturity. Eric leads KGSS technical research projects focusing on big data visualization and computational learning theory.

    Eric holds a degree from the University of Maryland, speaks fluent Mandarin, and it is his firm belief that there is nothing more nostalgic than that blissful sound of a connecting 56K modem, roller ball mice, and Windows 3.1.

    Eric Jaw | Senior Malware Analyst
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